Spotlight: Maker & Designer Adrienne White

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While e-mailing back and forth with maker and artist Adrienne White, we took the opportunity to send them over some questions about their practice. As a curator of this quirky studio and online shop, I knew I wanted to spotlight the amazing people behind many of WORM General Store's fun creations. Even with my current hectic schedule, still working full time and running my small biz, I knew I had to make space for blog posts like these. This is what WORM is about: makers, artists, and quirky colorful moments.

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I met Adrienne IRL soon after receiving their answers to my questions. Their energy exuded a kind of warm comfort mixed with great strength, and a deep love for their craft. Their heart shape bags, handmade via the upcycling of fabric and other materials, are one of my favorite things on our shop right now. Each bag has pieces of a previous story, another journey, and I believe that is one of the most beautiful aspects of a one of a kind upcycled handcrafted wearable item. They are one offs, special, and an excellent example of the power of making. It is so darn cool to be able to own pieces like these, knowing and respecting the hours of work that went into creating them. 

Alright, enough of my blah and now onto Adrienne's responses to my questions about their practice: 

WORMTell us where you are from and how/why you started making/designing.

Adrienne White: I’m from Tacoma, Washington. One of my first creative mediums is dance, and being a dancer involves a lot of fabric tailoring, believe it or not. So very early on I was cutting t shirts, molding shoes to fit my feet, and knitting leg warmers. 

Garments and accessories started coming up in my work more frequently when I started curating a monthly art flea at the recently folded gallery Flowers For All Occasions. I now more formally take part in the New York fashion realm, mainly the queer fashion community in Bushwick through the VERS store / artist collective. 

WWhat is your creative process? (If you have any images please share them!)
AW: Happy to elaborate but I feel like these photos are pretty cohesive to my process:
Images and graphic text courtesy of Adrienne White
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