Enamelware Table Set

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This is an Enamelware table set for two. Our founder is particularly in love with this line of enamelware and was lucky enough to be able to carry it at our shop!

Includes 12 pieces:

2 Base plates 28 cm diameter (1 Onix Black + 1 Nopal Green)
2 Flat plates 24 cm diameter (1 Capri Blue + 1 Rose Pink)
2 Tall soup plates 22 cm diameter x 4 cm high (1 Rose Pink + 1 Onix Black)
2 Bowls 14 cm diameter x 6 cm high (1 Nopal Green + 1 Capri Blue)
2 Mugs with handles 8 cm diameter x 8 high (1 Onix Black + 1 Nopal Green)
2 Sauce boats 8 cm diameter x 2 cm high (1 Capri Blue + 1 Rose Pink)

About enamelware. The strength of enamelware makes it perfect for any situation. Suitable for home use, everyday use in restaurants, and camping. Suitable for baking and/or refrigeration. Chemical resistance. Direct fire resistant. Does not retain odors or residues. Inhibits the development of bacteria. Stronger than ceramic and glass. Does not lose its color. Sustainable material. Not toxic. Reusable and recyclable for foundry. 

Made in Mexico