Whimsical Spring Arrivals | Amanda's Favorites

Shop the tie dye candle here and the candle holder here ๐Ÿ˜˜ - It's obvious that we love color here at WORM. We are a bit obsessed with adding vibrant colors to our home, studio, and sartorial choice...
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A Photo Story: A Sunday in Bushwick

Running around modeling one of our crochet hats. Showing off my orange nails as we looked for fun back drops. I rarely wear any make-up during the weekends. Heck, I rarely wear make-up during t...
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What's Vintage Deadstock?

In a world of trends and fast fashion have you ever wondered what happens to any unsold clothing or accessories?ย Are they thrown away andย end up in a landfill? Some of it does. Does anyone keep th...
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3 Quick Tips To Spruce Up Your Space!

I've come to learn that for decor (and in life) it isn't about the quantity but the quality. Here are three quick tips to spruce up your space! ๐ŸŒ€ I love a colorful living room, but I also respect ...
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I <3 NY: A Nolita Adventure

Since the pandemic hit, I have been making my way to Manhattan less and less (I live and work in Brooklyn, NY). If I do head over, I'm usually on a mission to visit an art gallery, meet a friend fo...
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Kitchen Inspiration Board ๐ŸŽˆ #1

Image source: Collective Works - That's it. It's time. Time to add a bit of color toย the kitchen! Time to do it with elegance, with an edge of modernity, with a pinch of the classics, and with a w...
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