How we take our photos!

Whenever people ask about the "large team" behind WORM, I always explain that we are a small business. I take all our photos unless they are provided by the makers or brands that we carry.
Most of the time you can find me taking photos outside our studio, or asking my partner, to help out for a couple of hours. We've had awesome volunteers contribute here and there as well!
This is indeed one of the most difficult parts of owning a small business because it is not only about taking photos. It is also about working full time for another business, while also trying to create content for my own brand.
If you have ever worked on content creation- you know that for it to be great- you need time.
Shout out to everyone that has helped me out, modeled, contributed on content in some way, shape, or form. You are the best!
If you are interested in helping out contact us at info[at]wormnyc[dot]com. Send over your portfolio and pricing if applicable. 
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