Natural Dye Abstract Cotton Socks

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Dyed with flowers and natural extracts. One-size (up to size 10 womens).

80% cotton/ 20% spandex

Imperfections and variations in color are part of the process
and create a truly unique piece.
Care: Wash delicate on cold water setting with a ph-neutral
detergent (eg. no Tide or Gain). Hand dry or tumble dry low.

**Each item is a one-of-a-kind and handmade. The actual item
will vary from photograph**

Fabric dyed with botanical is free of toxins and harsh chemicals that can pollute the environment and irritate the skin. The beauty of natural dyes is they are a living color but they do need a little extra care to maintain. Natural dyes are pH sensitive and sensitive to extreme prolonged sun exposure.

Like a beloved pair of jeans, the natural dye will fade over time. This cycle is part of the beauty of this ancient medium and I hope you will embrace the variations that occur.

Following these tips will prolong the life of your garment, which was created with slow and deliberate care.

The Artist:Β Amanda de Beaufort