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How we take our photos!

Whenever people ask about the "large team" behind WORM, I always explain that we are a small business. I take all our photos unless they are provided by the makers or brands that we carry. Mo...
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3 Quick Tips To Spruce Up Your Space!

I've come to learn that for decor (and in life) it isn't about the quantity but the quality. Here are three quick tips to spruce up your space! 🌀 I love a colorful living room, but I also respect ...
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I <3 NY: A Nolita Adventure

Since the pandemic hit, I have been making my way to Manhattan less and less (I live and work in Brooklyn, NY). If I do head over, I'm usually on a mission to visit an art gallery, meet a friend fo...
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Store Highlight: About the soaps 💕

One of my favorite things about owning a small business is that I can take my time, research, and curate from exceptional makers and fellow small business owners. While searching for a soap compa...
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Sustainable Tips: Fabric Gift Wrapping

Our gift wrapping option is a sustainable alternative to purchasing wrapping paper from your local shop. We use donated fabric or source fabric from FABSCRAP, a wonderful sustainable initiative l...
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