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I <3 NY: A Nolita Adventure

Since the pandemic hit, I have been making my way to Manhattan less and less (I live and work in Brooklyn, NY). If I do head over, I'm usually on a mission to visit an art gallery, meet a friend fo...
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Kitchen Inspiration Board 🎈 #1

Image source: Collective Works - That's it. It's time. Time to add a bit of color to the kitchen! Time to do it with elegance, with an edge of modernity, with a pinch of the classics, and with a w...
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Store Highlight: About the soaps 💕

One of my favorite things about owning a small business is that I can take my time, research, and curate from exceptional makers and fellow small business owners. While searching for a soap compa...
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Sustainable Tips: Fabric Gift Wrapping

Our gift wrapping option is a sustainable alternative to purchasing wrapping paper from your local shop. We use donated fabric or source fabric from FABSCRAP, a wonderful sustainable initiative l...
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Holiday Gifts | Amanda's Favorites

On a previous blog post I talked about holiday decor. This time around I'm going to share my favorite gift items from WORM! Ah, this is going to be hard but I think I already have a few in mind. ...
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Decorating for the holidays

I grew up in a household where the holidays were A BIG DEAL. My mother loves to decorate in a very classic Christmas-y manner: Christmas lights everywhere, wreaths, red and gold ornaments, nativi...
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