Whimsical Spring Arrivals | Amanda's Favorites

Shop the tie dye candle here and the candle holder here 😘
It's obvious that we love color here at WORM. We are a bit obsessed with adding vibrant colors to our home, studio, and sartorial choices. We are proud advocates of a lime green flower candle holder with a tie dye inspired tapered candle. We are equally happy about saying that these are all handmade by international artists and makers.Β 
Alien Ceramic's is such a fun brand and we love carrying their playful objects. The toothbrush holders being our favorite.Β 
It's funny how most of our photography is done by me and my partner. The rest are sent over by the makers and artists themselves, but more often than not it's Paul and I taking photos in the streets of Brooklyn. I like to maintain a quirky, Brooklyn-ish, imperfect, and fun aesthetic. We never aim for perfect product photography. I don't think that would tell our story. That wouldn't be authentic to our story and mission.Β 
Our Spring Tote's are the cutest and handmade by designer KS Garner.
When I think about Spring fashion I immediately associate it with cute tote bags in fun colors, playful tops, crochet hats,Β  and fun blankets to picnic with friends.Β 
Shop our favorite blanket this Spring by Lady Thom. Great for a picnic with friends.Β 
Some of my other favorites include:
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