What's up at WORM?

For the past couple of years, we have been fulfilling orders from our studio in Brooklyn, NY. We have also been on the search for the perfect retail location to open a permanent WORM brick and mortar shop. We still haven't found it, and customers have been asking to stop by the studio to shop. Since we have the demand, we have decided to open our studio during the weekends this summer. This required us to get our thinking caps on, and revamp the studio space.
WORM is still a very small business, which meant that we would be making everything ourselves thanks to the help of, architect, designer, and artist, Paul Mok. He designed the space with a very limited budget, and we worked on everything together. No outside help, just the two of us.
We will be announcing the official opening date of our pop-up studio store in Brooklyn, NY very soon. It will be filled with new home goods, gifts, apparel, and more. We will be featuring some new makers as well as amazing restocks. For those not in New York, don't worry, everything will be available for shipping as well.
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