3 Quick Tips To Spruce Up Your Space!

I've come to learn that for decor (and in life) it isn't about the quantity but the quality. Here are three quick tips to spruce up your space!
I love a colorful living room, but I also respect a more neutral approach. I think that textures and fun curation are the key to making it your own. Sometimes it takes time to find these special pieces, so take your time, and don't rush.
Let me tell you. When my partner and I first moved into our apartment we quickly made it look "put together" by adding a cute throw. The one below is available for purchase now and we only have a very limited amount. It can be a nice pop of color and texture to a room.
This one is a favorite of mine, pillows and pillows and more pillows! What makes them even more versatile is that you can move them around to other rooms. The ones below are part of our WORM curation and can be purchased here.
ART ON YOUR WALLS. Gallery walls are amazing especially when you incorporate all sorts of paintings and art pieces. I love adding tiny little objects in between some of the art works as well. One cool thing about living in NYC is finding unique art pieces being given away by residents. Be extra vigilant at the end of month when people are scheduled to move out! You can even create your own, a fun colorful melange on a white canvas and add it to your wall.
Photo source: Kelly Mindell
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