Decorating for the holidays

I grew up in a household where the holidays were A BIG DEAL. My mother loves to decorate in a very classic Christmas-y manner: Christmas lights everywhere, wreaths, red and gold ornaments, nativity sets, and although absolutely beautiful, it wasn't very me. (I love you Ma!)

My favorite thing about growing up is having the ability to let my creativity run wild, and decorate things together with my partner. It has taken me years, to finally voice out and feel totally comfortable with myself. For a very long time, I felt bizarre because no one in my family loved mid century modern pieces, or quirky colorful objects or paintings. When I entered my 30s I really started feeling more at home with me. Now, when it comes to curating for WORM, I have found myself really tuning into those childlike bits of myself that were suppressed. The parts of Amanda that I felt embarrassed about are not as monumentally odd as I had once believed. 




So, what does this have to do with the holiday season?

Well, everything, because now I can adorn a Christmas tree, or a palm tree, or an umbrella tree with lights and a couple of handmade ornaments and that's it, that's the holiday season for me. And that's absolutely okay and amazing and great! There are no rules to these things!

This year I curated a couple of handmade ceramic ornaments that really spoke to me. I love me an undies ornament. They are so darn cool! These were all handmade by Jesse Levison a super talented artist and maker. Take a peek here to see the ornaments I'm talking about.

I'm on a journey right now to completely embrace a privilege that not many have, which is to be able to afford slow designs, fashion, objects, food, and more. Purchasing handmade, or making my own decorations is such an empowering thing- there is so much beauty everywhere and in everything.

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