Holiday Gifts | Amanda's Favorites

On a previous blog post I talked about holiday decor. This time around I'm going to share my favorite gift items from WORM! Ah, this is going to be hard but I think I already have a few in mind.
I have a special place in my heart for these freehand drawn mugs by Meg Marchant. I love that they are all one of a kind. As a customer noted recently, "they are the perfect weight on my hand and the grip is great! It is hard to find the perfect mug! I'm zoom call ready!". I think that explains it, right? 
Who wouldn't love a hand colored limited edition calendar? I mean, these beautiful prints can be cut and framed afterwards and gifted to friends throughout the year. The calendar features hallucinogenic plants 🌱 .
Miniature objects are so darn cute and I can't get enough! These tiny plants were a hit at our pop-up this year and we can see why. Adorable vibes!
There are scrunchies and then there are KS Garner scrunchies. She uses scrap fabric to make these beauties and we love that so much. I adore a checkered pattern on the right accessories and this is one of them.
Warm cozy 100% cotton blankets, colorful beeswax tapers, and dried flowers. Done and done and done!
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