Our Top 3 Greenmarkets in NYC

Ever since I moved to New York City, greenmarkets have played an important role in my deep love for the city. While living in Crown Heights, I used to make my way to Prospect Park's weekend market via Eastern Parkway, and before I met my longtime partner it was a space for me to daydream about meeting someone special at the park.

I believe in shopping small, shopping local, and in partaking in community markets. Isn't it great to get to know your neighbors? Your community? 

Anyways, if you are not from New York City but are planning to visit? Here is a list of some of my favorite greenmarkets!

Amanda's Top 3 Greenmarkets (aka Farmers Markets) in New York City:

1. Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket - My favorite because I'm a Brooklynite and this market along with the park welcomed me with open arms when I first moved to Brooklyn. They feature some really amazing farmers and goods.

2. Union Square Greenmarket - Ah, you feel like your part of a short film or something when you visit this one! Alright, maybe I'm romanticizing it, but honestly, its the most well known market and damn it, it's so fun to visit!  

3. Tribeca Greenmarket - I don't frequent this one at all, only if I happen to be in the area. Also in Manhattan and always fun to take a look and support another sent of vendors that are also badass.

There are SO MANY amazing markets in NYC. These are just the ones I spend my time in the most!

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